Vision and Eye Health Exam Costs

  • Glasses Only Prescription – $65
  • Contacts and Glasses Prescription – $119

Price may vary depending on location. You should call your local Walmart Optical Center to get exact pricing. Additional cost if you need bifocal or astigmatism correction for contact lenses.

According to experts and doctors, eye check-up should be done after one or two years, however, for those people with certain medical conditions they should go for eye checkup more frequently. In this article, we shall discuss why the Walmart eye exam cost is the best and why you should seek their services. If you are interested in weight loss then read this fat burners for women review.

Value you can count on

Walmart is widely known for their commitment when it comes to providing the best brands to their customers which they do at a very favorable price. Walmart also provides free shipping and free in-store pickup services to all qualifying purchases. This makes it very convenient for you as a customer, in that you can shop online or visit their Vision Center without having to pay for other expenses.

walmart eye exam cost

Styles that you want

When it comes to eyewear, Walmart’s Vision Center never compromises on style or brand, they only offer the best. Remember it doesn’t matter whether you shop online or in the store, you can be sure to get your perfect choice. Walmart Eye Center has eyeglasses for any member of your family, in that they have a variety including the lightweight titanium. Some of the popular designer names you are likely to get in Walmart include Randy Jackson, Sofia Loren, Nikon and J.Lo.

An eye exam is usually conducted by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist where they use various procedures and tests to examine the eyes. The test can involve simple test such as reading an eye chart, and it can also involve complex tests such as visualizing eye structures using the high-powered lens. Complex tests are usually sensitive and that why we recommend reputable center such as Walmart eye exam.

Walmart eye exam cost around sixty-four dollars if it involves a comprehensive vision and eye health exam. However, if you need bifocals correction or you have astigmatism then you will have to part with your 118 dollars. With Walmart, you can also book for a contact lens exam which usually cost around 125 to 150 dollars depending on where you are located. Walmart also provides retinal imaging scan which is done using an Optos. Retina imaging scan involves taking pictures of your eye’s retina which costs around thirty dollars, remember the pictures are usually HD.

How much glasses cost at Walmart

For the basic single vision, polycarbonate glasses, you will have to pay one fifty dollars in all Walmart stores and online platform. The price increases in case the anti-reflective coating is added to the designer frames or the progressive lens.

Eye exam in Walmart without insurance

For a standard eye exam, it will cost around sixty dollars for people without insurance. Like I said earlier, Walmart usually does their best to provide convenience to their customers, for that reason, they usually accept most insurance plans. However, it is important for you to confirm your insurance coverage since it will save you a lot of complications.

As I conclude, there are tips or two you should know before doing eyeglasses shopping, one thing you have to ensure is that the eyeglasses do flatter your face. When it comes to people with oval faces, they can wear almost all frame shape, this is because their faces have gentle curves and balanced features. When it comes to round faces, the angular, rectangular and square frames work for them. Lastly, for people with heart-shaped faces, there is no set rule, what you need to do is look for frames that complement your facial features.